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(Please note, the pictures above are less then 5% actual size and do not reflect the true quality of the galley images.)

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Good News!
Models, their friends, families and photo/art collectors of all typs may now purchase my best fantasy Photography Artwork at almost any size, as a normal gallery quality print or on canvas, and with matt and/or frame. Some galleries also offer Coffee Mugs, Metal & Arcylic Prints, Cell Phone Cases, Greeting Cards, eCalendars and even throw pillows.! Prints Range from $30-$50 for a 24x18 HD gallery quality print. (This is the size I recommend to my friends.)

My Photo Art is currently featured in 4 locations listed below.


All amateur models I shoot, will receive 50% of any commission I might make from the sale of their image. (FYI, it is in your best interest to let your friends, family and other people who might be interested in your image know about this site, if you would like to receive a little $$ at the end of each year. (Tag it on facebook, and link it to anywhere else you like, the more people that see your image, the greater the likely hood of a sale. Friends and Family are the most likely to want one.)

Amateur, and professional models are welcome to contact me, with questions, comments, concerns and shoot proposals at Answers for Models

My "Artpal" gallery allows visitors to zoom in on pictures to see portions of them at actual size, and offers canvas, frames, matts and coffer mugs. (FYI, Big is Better!)

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My "Fine Art America" gallery does whaqt Artpal does by offers Metal & Arcylic prints, greeting cards, cell phone cases, and throw pillows.

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My "Artist Rising" galley also offers a variety of my work it my be the least expensive option for prints.

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My "RPGnow" gallery offers a varity of fantasy eCaledars, as well as HD poster-sized jpgs for as low as 75 cents each.

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About the Artist

Jonny V aka Jon Quest, aka Dunjon aka me!

I am older then dirt, but still younger then the mountains.
I have been shooting semi-pro photography for about 5 years.
More to come when I can find the time.

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